Blogs I Follow

Here are my very favorite blogs that I follow- blogs which update regularly enough and are just exactly what I like to read with my morning coffee.  They improve the energy in my life, or so I judge.  If you know of a blog I might like, feel free to share a link with me, and I’ll definitely check it out.

Here they are, in no particular order though roughly placed in silly categories:


Unfolding Your Path to Joy

Joy is exactly that. She brings joy to light, and her writings are always nice inspirational pick-me-ups.  Joy believes in and practices real magic and love in the present moment.

Designldg by Laurent G

Laurent takes great photography, mostly in India, and pairs his photographs with little quotes about enlightenment, awakening, the divine, and so on.  I love many of his posts.

Human Angels:  When We Live Along the Oneness, We Are Human Angels

This blog has many authors, and it promotes living as our divine selves and going beyond dualism. It posts images and poems and quotes and authors’ writings to do this.

Mirrored Reflections: Spiritual Revelations for Humans Seeking Humanity in Humans

The author says it best: “Tis Me, CordieB.  Hello, people.  I started this blog for those out there who want to connect with others who want to live a better life and have heightened peace through spirituality and being connected with their creator, themselves, other humans beings and the world in which we live.”


David Cain’s blog about how to “get better at being human”.  We’re all human, and sometimes we need to face reality in new ways.  David Cain contends with demons, and has defeated at least one- and we all know I like goetia.

The Astrology of Austin Coppock

I can’t do all my astrology by myself.  I admire those who can do as much as Austin, who covers so much.  I like gleaning any good information about astrology from others, as here.


Sol Ascendans – The Website of Alex Sumner

Alex practices ceremonial magic- with spells and runes and symbols and math and astrology and all that. He knows lots about the occult and mystery tradition and seems glad to help others learn and to share his knowledge. I love getting his updates on the topic.

Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc.

Pete has studied philosophy, metaphysics, Tarot, Qi-gong, acupressure, Chi-ne-Tsang, Tui-na, Taoism, Kaballah, the occult, magick, and mystery traditions.  He believes all is one, and that everyone’s spiritual truth is different.  I believe he says he has a “temple” in his present life.  I love reading his thoughts on magical affairs.

Rune Soup

Gordon is a magician who practices Chaos magic and whatever else he believes is helpful, I think.  His blog is for anyone who wants to improve their life with magic.  I recommend it.  He seems like a smart guy- or at least I usually like everything he has to say about magic.


The Serpent’s Wisdom

Sellian has had many labels, and sometimes calls himself a Witch and Sorcerer, and is a devotee of the Goddess Hekate. Sellian is very mutable in his labels, which I like. He also has relationships with The Horned God, and others like Dionysos (which is how I found Sellian) and now even Lucifer- excellent.   Sellian lets his heart and his gods guide him to his own unique spiritual truth, and I love reading his honest accounts of his journey.  He also has a new blog called Feral Druidry.

Where Dionysos Dwells

An image blog dedicated to Dionysos; what’s not to like?

The Night Wanderer’s Path

Nyktipolos is a polytheist pagan who follows herself, the Universe, and, you know, Life, the Gods… one of her gods is Dionysos, which of course is how I found her.  She has Wiccan, Kemetic, Hellenic, Feri, Vodun, Catholic, etc. influences. Her ever-winding and evolving path reminds me of my own, and I love reading about her personal experience with the divine. She, too, is very honest about her spirituality, and is also able to find great humor in the divine.

Ancient Whiteagle Wisdom:   Dreamwork for Everyone

Whiteagle is a former philosophy teacher and teacher of children. He now works with the Native American Church (I guess this is why I filed it under Pagan, though technically it’s not the best label) as a dreamworker.  He does lots of peyote rituals, sweatlodge visits, and things of that nature.  He knows a lot about mythology and psychology and uses this, and his abounding love, to heal others. Some entities he identifies with are the Spirit Eagle, Hermes, and Coyote. He often explains how the synchronicity in his life leads to very unique experiences, which I like.  I pretty much always love his loving attitude as well.

Tokoloshe Girl

Tokoloshe Girl is a crazy witch of some kind, and that is why I like her.  She is not afraid to be brashly honest in her description of the spiritual, and I like her tone.  She is honest, yes, but at the same time utilizing a sort of modern succinctness and metaphor- after all, Tokoloshe is not her real name, and magic requires a little summarizing through poetry.  Also, we are both very fond of Kore :)


Standing, Sitting, Lying Down

Katie is a former actress who used to do improvisation in college, and she is a current Christian and Mormon. She has some excellent faith, and good spiritual discussion.

The Weblog of Crystal S. Lewis

Crystal currently attends seminary.  She also currently identifies as a “Christian UU”.  She says, “I am a former charismatic, fundamentalist, conservative evangelical Christian who now understands that the ministry of Jesus was not about any of those things.”  She believes that all religions may lead to truth, and likes interfaith ministry, peace activism, and nonprofit work.  She searches for love and careful scholarship  in her theology; excellent.

People just writing about their lives

Nzesylva’s Weblog:  A repository of my thoughts

Nzesylva describes himself: “Sometimes, I stutter when I am asked who I am, because, everyday I make new discoveries about my person and venture into new things I never imagined doing a short while ago.  But basically, I am a young Nigerian struggling to create- at least around me- the Nigeria of my dreams through creative writing.”  I like reading about his life all the way across the world.

Something to Challenge my Reality:  Living, loving, and learning in the Delta

The author of this blog is a mother who recently graduated college and entered a teaching program, though the job they gave her disappeared and so she’s currently dealing with unemployment.  She says she is “Still living in peace, love, and harmony – come and join me.”  I enjoyed reading about her adventures in trying to teach the poor of the Mississippi Delta.  Her life seems difficult, but I believe in her.

Hyperbole and a Half

Allie creates comics to go along with her posts.  And they’re pretty much always fucking hilarious.

Project Conversion

Okay, this one’s religious too.  But it’s also someone just writing about their life- through the lenses of many religions.  This blog’s author has decided to convert to a new religion each month to explore, learn, and share.  This blog has so much to offer.  This blog is totally win.

Fizzy Lizard

Fizzy Lizard is a drink Fizzy Lizard decided to concoct using scotch or vodka.  See, already win.  Fizzy Lizard is a writer and an artist, and this blog is mostly about her art.  She received a Catholic education, which she describes as pretty much like every other education except she also went to Mass sometimes.  She is a friend of mine, and she is one of the most aware, awake, and sexy Catholics I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.  She enjoys channeling, as I do- what some associate with Goetia, though Goetia is far more than communion with spirits, demons, and angels.  Fizzy Lizard just likes angels, you see.  It was she who suggested I should channel Michael- I know, I know, it seems like everyone and their dog have channeled Michael, so it can seem a little cheesy.  But I really enjoyed it.  She channeled the Angel of Silence- as such did we interact.  It was very interesting.  On other occasions have I channeled Dionysos and she Apollon.  During such, Apollon told me to lighten up, hah.


USS Rock N Roll

After months of evaluation, I believe this to be the best blog on improvisation I have yet found (though I am sure my search was not completely comprehensive, they remain awesome).  They update regularly and often have something cogent, helpful, and funny to say upon the topic.  They have the right attitude- they get it, really well, most of the time.  They are dedicated to the art, and this shows in their honest examination of it.  They know how to surrender to the moment, how to develop organically within it, how to play well with their partners, and how to strive to improve themselves.  I also think they have one of the best Harold teams I’ve ever seen.

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