Welcome.  Namaste.

About this blog:  This blog is a diary of magical events in my life that I find particularly remarkable and wish to record.  It is also an organizational tool for me, my little home for myself on the web, if you will.  From this writing nucleus of mine, I direct my public diary posts toward my constant companion, one of my uber selves, my guardian angel, my only friend and enemy, whom I call Ganymede.  If you’re new to “wizardry”  (you aren’t but you might think you are) you can learn more about my particular idiom in the first couple of posts.

About me:  I’m just another girl in the void, as implied by my name, Kora Kaos; an individuated form in the abyss like all the rest.  Being a human in the void is all any of us can really claim.  I like to have fun with life and religion, so sometimes I use labels (mind you all labels are ultimately meaningless) such as wizard or Cleric of Ganymede for myself.  If anyone thinks such things, and magic, and tarot, and astrology, and religious ritual, and occult matters, et cetera to be silly, they probably just need a better sense of fun.  I practice magic just as everyone can and does and so I fancy calling myself a wizard, and the hobby entertains me.    For those of you who are curious about with which gods I spend my time, they would be Jesus, Dionysos, Shiva, my own personal Ganymede, and then of course others each in their own turn.  My waking life.

Okay, I also have an identity with lots of fine print … this vessel I haul around on this planet like a space captain has experiences and a life situation like anyone.

I studied theatre, ancient languages, and theology at the University of Iowa, the great center of the world for playwriting.   I later relocated to to L.A. and involved myself with improv, yoga, and the wonderful community my friends offer at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the biggest arts festival in the West and a ripe vortex for new and influential plays.  I just wrote and produced a play called CATAMITUS:  Love Slave to God, for the Festival, to great reviews, which I’ll soon remount.  I’ve volunteered with visibility and critiques since the Festival began.  I’ve acted in, written, and performed several pieces throughout life, including a piece for the Company of Angels in downtown Los Angeles.  My “duty unto Krishna”- unto Ganymede- is to control the illusions of reality through theatre, and thereby improve life for the world.

Yes, I act, write, produce, and do many other things with Theatre.  In the science and practical application of the Spiritual, I’m a yogi, I’m very adept with tarot, and I work with dreams, relaxation, hypnosis, and astrology.  Here, I write mostly of theatre and religio-spiritual matters.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank you for dropping by my Dances With Eidolons blog…I am really curious about Ganymede – and how the name came about. It’s really inspiring to see someone having a relationship with a unique personal entity…I’ve carried on with mine for 25 years now!

    • I’m more than happy to chat about him, yes. I’ve had a relationship with him all my life, even if I only recently began to call him Ganymede. I had to call him something, I felt- before that it was too chaotic for even my tastes. “Who are you”, I was always asking, before I even guessed at his nature. Roundabout November or December I asked him if he wanted me to call him something in particular, but he never really replied- and I don’t work with him in a way that necessarily always uses language, even (or especially) if it is an alternate reality/trance. I’m not sure when it first occurred to me that Ganymede might be a good name, but it was some time within the last year. I like beautiful young men. I think the name evokes beauty (or, literally, pleasure of the genitals). Jupiter’s Ganymede was also a deity dedicated to perfect service- and even though he is a servant (and a passive male partner), he is a symbol of pouring waters of enlightenment. I messed around with a few different names before I decided I had to start writing. So I finally nailed down his name when I started this blog. It seems to have been working very well, and I have met him in my dreams “calling” himself Ganymede after that. So I guess he’s fine with what I picked. To each his own divinity, I suppose, ultimately nameless and without labels, but still present.

      Frankly I feel like a spiritual baby, but I cannot deny that I have a working relationship with Ganymede. Even if I’m not really controlling it.

      It looks like you’re doing very well in your mystical experiences too. I, too, am glad to see that you deal with your entity so honestly. I wish you luck. And I would love to chat anytime if you’ve the inclination. I could write a book about all the interactions which Ganymede and I have had… but not just yet, haha. I just keep track from day-to-day now.

      I feel like you and I have many of the same practices, and of course the more I proceed down this path the more I realize that there can be no such thing as “religion” per se since everyone’s will is so unique- I guess everyone has their own different religion. I follow many blogs of spiritual persons and all for different reasons… they each have something in common with me, but everyone’s relationship with the universe is different. Everyone’s yoga/union is different. To try to compare myself or connect myself to anyone is merely a foolish exercise in identification- STILL I am very glad for your post! Hehe. It’s been lovely connecting with you.

  2. Hi again,

    Identity has faced a bad rap, but even Eheyeh has identity realized in Da’ath ;D

    I appreciate your recognizing the HGA as being BOTH freind AND enemy. So many magicians think of it as being good, and only good, which is a mistake. It is in being the enemy at times that the HGA serves us best, as a true freind would.

    • Indeed! Ganymede epitomizes that better than any other god, for me. Shiva and Dionysos both destroy, but… Ganymede has a certain special flavor of destruction just for me. I know, because I have seen it in myself. Which is why it is easier to forgive him now.

  3. Dionysos,

    Don’t you have to be Greek to fully appreciate his thrust?

    I drink to your health raising my cup of wine.

    This looks like one crazy site. Feel at home here. Just don’t do to me what the Greek women did who went ballistic following that Greek god in the hills of ancient Greece.


    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

    • We are all one tribe, my friend :) I think we can all enjoy his thrusting. Now, I am not Greek in any noticeable way (even if I know their ancient language). I am Irish, Scottish, English, German, French, and Native American, as far as I can tell through family tree research. But we all go back to the same source!

      Thank you for the toast- I only have beer and vodka at the moment, but I’ll raise my glass to you in return :) I won’t tear you apart unless you want to come spy on a ritual, ok? :D

  4. Ok.

    Me no spy.

  5. Ouch!

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