Theatre Review: Ex(it) Wounds

Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Chicago, Ms. Sabrina Lloyd and Molly Neyland created a play about exes called Ex(it) Wounds. It has now gone through many incarnations and is produced by Lauren McCarthy.

I originally came to this play for the first time some months ago at the Comedy Central stage at UCB to see if Sabrina would be a good director for my show. Indeed she proved herself, and I saw such professionalism and talent expressed in Ex(it) Wounds.

The cast cycles in and out, and for this reason and more, one may see a different show every night one attends.  As the premise, the cast recites letters from exes, real letters, only minorly adapted for performance, with names changed.  One choice I just adored was how they read the letters, often being so specific about how poorly written so many were, even sounding out the punctuation- “Exclamation point!  Exclamation point!  One!  Tilde!”

They switch out letters, bits, and such here and there from show to show, because they always have access to so much great material.  They get new letters at every performance- they keep the new letters in a big heart and utilize them in a performance toward the end of the show with another neat element- the draw of a celebrity guest.

Other things I enjoyed were, for instance, the use of movement, which when used properly to further action or a more artistic expression is extremely effective in theatre and emotionally stirring for the audience. This show had some pretty good and aesthetically pleasing examples of that.

I also enjoyed the angry singing from a female’s letter accompanied by a soprano ukulele. It was at once very feminine and very hardcore.

I enjoyed the part with the use of masks. It reminded me of ancient Greece, of course, although the style was more Viewpoints meets Suzuki.  It was highly dramatic with aforementioned representative movement and speaking.  It was creepy and powerful while at the same time amusing because of the material.

(Not them but I thought it was pretty.)

Finally, my favorite part of the show was their use of puppets.  It was just hilarious to watch those scenes.

I recommend seeing this show for a fun night out, and I recommend Sabrina- she’s available for acting lessons, too.  I’ll certainly be snatching her up again for another show.

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~ by korakaos on August 4, 2012.

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