HFF Review: No Boundarys

This show has good atmosphere in parts. The beginning was a little slow and a little hard to get into, and I was not sure exactly what the “point” was, not that there needs to be one. Noel talked about his father a lot, which I also didn’t necessarily get, but it was interesting to hear about a father so much on Father’s Day, and consider my own relationship to my own father.

My favorite bits were when Noel touched on the oneness of life, and the energy that we all are, as he was tripping- I spoke with him later and he said that’s a great part because he can improvise it. That’s probably another reason I liked that part so well. The ending was ok- but I think it was a little detached from the rest of the show. I found myself thinking, “was that what the whole play was supposed to be about?” I think a scene would have done well with the ending as its theme, but I am not sure about the whole play.

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~ by korakaos on June 25, 2012.

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