Review: Clowns, Goddesses, and Tough Guys at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

It’s been a long time- my lovely little diary fell to the wayside, Ganymede, while I was so busy producing.  I barely had time for sleep, and sometimes forgot to eat- but we’ll get into all that later.  It’s time to return to writing now that the show is about to wrap, and I want to discuss the Festival.  I will begin with a review of a very sweet show I have enjoyed very much: Clowns, Goddesses, and Tough Guys, soul monologue with bluesy music interspersed, written and performed by James Schneider and directed by David Razowski.

Odd how some other anonymous reviewer managed to look at everything from all the wrong angles… maybe I’m biased in loving this show because I do know James, and we’ve helped each other with our shows, and I do get to see all the other facets of this story.  But I don’t think I’m that biased, because you’ll just get bad reviews even if you’re awesome- it comes with the territory.

It was by no means thrown together- although he did throw the script out: because shows are often more fun just improvised. That way he’s able to just speak with us as a real person in the moment and in truth. I have watched James put this show together and I saw all the love that went into it all the way- and since I know that little boy, inside of this grown man, I know the whole story. He didn’t complain, he was only sad that such a thing occurred. And he was, I would say, gracious about his domestic situation, and in fact was the more gracious by remaining more silent than someone wanted. We don’t need to know about negative particulars in someone’s real life relationship; I don’t know why some people demand gossip (I’ve had such requests when I talk about exes onstage too!). I did see a different night than the “bad” review, and thus the “script” would have changed a bit, but I thought he was very nice and sweet through the whole show.

I had a great time, and, even though it’s not my style of music, I’ve heard it a lot, and it is as I said sweet, and they grow on you after you’ve heard them enough, like any good music. I enjoyed myself through the show and laughed a lot. My favorite bit of the show was his song about the loss of his mother. It was real and touching.

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~ by korakaos on June 23, 2012.

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