Happy 11/11/11/11!!!!1!!11!ELEVENTYONE!!11!

A few years ago I experienced various awesome coincidences; they were of course synchronicities, occurring as they must, as the Universe deemed it. I began to study magic. I had known nothing of it, so to speak- I had only occupied my time with Dionysos, though I would not deign to say so. I was an actress, and that was all I cared about, so long as I was trapped here in this world I had hated all my life. And when I had done everything I wanted, and still found no meaning, and no happiness in my life- I turned to magic, of course. I thought, “If I do not want to bother with the world at all, I had may as well turn to the only thing I can conceivably see leading me past it.” Of course it did not do so- I found that the world, reality, is all there is, and that I am here forever. I found that reality is divine, that reality is God, and that I too am this reality.

Holy reality, by SinnerGhost

Holy reality, by SinnerGhost

In the beginning of my magical studies during this incarnation, I knew little. Yet the rest of my Being knew everything. I was able to tap into the power of my soul, the power of God, the power of all my other lives. All magic comes from God, if you want to call Him that- or perhaps you want to call Her the Universe. The labels do not matter; one may use whatever one prefers if it works.

universe, by ambird

universe, by ambird

And so I remember a day just after I had bought my first books on magic. I had only just begun reading them, and I had met a priest of Hermes but refused to think anything of it. I still did not take magic seriously, and I still hated the universe, and I still thought God, if he should exist at all, was a tyrant. On this day, I was rather miserable, and crying in my shower. I wanted all the world to stop, but of course it could not do so. It was then I received a vision. It was a vision of an older man. He seemed Jewish. He was dressed in finery. He was from long ago. And the word connected with him was “Magus”. I thought then, of course, of the magi who visited Jesus at his birth. Magicians. Wise men. Solomon was a Magus, a Wise Man, as well, and I would later come to read much material written upon his Goetia. I read of his control over all the demons, and his great control over all magic, perhaps more so than any other Magus, because he was the Wisest. He had a sort of ultimate connection with God, She Whom he called Wisdom. Was this a vision of a Magus from a past life, or simply a message from the Otherside, or God? A message to say that I was doing the right thing.

King Solomon plus some deemunz

King Solomon plus some deemunz

I connect this vision with others I would have, later, after I had progressed in the path of magic. I would often have dreams or visions about the number 11. Whenever I see an 11 and an 11 together, I take great notice, for usually, it is Ganymede telling me to pay attention to a synchronicity. It is one of his little ways of communicating with me. It is his way of saying I’m in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  The most striking dreams I had were those involving 11 candles.

I once dreamt of Moses walking through 11 candles. There was a row on each side of him. They were giant candles taller than trees. It seemed as though they composed all the world. In my dream, I drew a picture of this and put it on my door. Then, the candles transformed into a set of 11 candles before a coffin in a Catholic church. I knew that inside this coffin was Jesus.

When I woke, I researched a bit online to see what this dream might mean. I discovered that, on Easter, 11 candles are placed around the tomb of Jesus to symbolize his 11 living apostles, to whom Jesus gave his Great Commission, to go out and baptize all in the fire of the Holy Spirit. They, as 11 candles, could light thousands and thousands of more candles by teaching them of not only the 10 commandments, but also Jesus’ superceding commandment of Love. I’d had no idea that there was this particular decoration on Easter, even though I had been raised Catholic. And I had dreamt about it despite never having consciously noticed or ever having been told of this. Besides Catholicism, other traditions also have interesting things to say about 11 candles, such as this.

The Easter tomb and crib of Christ, dead and resurrected.

The Easter tomb and crib of Christ, dead and resurrected.

These are all reminders of my path throughout the Universe, my path through Wisdom, my path through God. He communicates to me through synchronicity most often. If one pays attention to such messages, one may come to find God, and his peace, and love, and joy. One may become a High Magus if one only knows how to love God and proceed in communication with him.

One of the three Magi from Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck.  The High Magus, they tell me.

One of the three Magi from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck. The High Magus, they tell me.

Today is 11/11/11. Today is a day many and varied persons have designated as a day for awakening and ascending to a higher consciousness, for letting in greater love, for communicating with extraplanar beings, and for helping the world to evolve to its next level. Let us all proceed into the Kingdom of Heaven together, hand in hand. Let us learn to communicate. Let us learn to love one another.

Today I will end my post by sharing one of my favorite songs, by one of my very favorite spiritual artists, Tool. Well, really, it is one song, Intermission, and one more song, Jimmy, but they are one song.  I find it to be beautiful.   I may have once thought that I hated the whole world, and may have tried to destroy it- or escape from it- on various occasions,  but  truly I tell you that I loved it for creating vibrations such as this.  For this, existence is worth it.  Love is worth it.


and One

are One


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~ by korakaos on November 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Happy 11/11/11/11!!!!1!!11!ELEVENTYONE!!11!”

  1. I am so happy to know you and be exposed to your magic on 11-11-11.

    michael j,

    whispering to Korakaos this Veterans Day.

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