Hallowmas 2011 and Purification

Happy Hallowmas! Once again, I pray that we might all find the peace, love, and joy of Heaven, just as those we celebrate on All Saints’ Day- those who have received the Beatific Vision. Any one of us may find Heaven if we so choose. Like I said yesterday, God, the Universe, once had me promise to cheer up- and that’s really a good part of it; my negative energy was causing Hell for myself and all the World. If I can transmute this, the world will transform into Heaven. I am bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth as it is in Heaven. In the same way we can all do this. So, if you will join me, let us do this. Happy Day of the Dead!

The Mictecacihuatl takes place throughout the ninth month on the Aztec calender, pictured here, during the corn harvest.

The Mictecacihuatl takes place throughout the ninth month, Miccailhuitontli, on the Aztec calendar, pictured here, during the corn harvest.

I mentioned that, upon transforming my surroundings and becoming independent, I used a shamaness’ advice to purify my new home. Like I said, I made it my own sacred, cut-apart space- as the Greek word says, my temenos. It is my temple, to God, if you like to call him that, to Ganymede, as I often label the being to whom I speak. It is a temple to purify and transform all the world.  So of course I need the home itself to be pure and best able to help me achieve this goal.

Mictecacihuatl, also known as Santa Muerte.

Mictecacihuatl, also known as Santa Muerte.

I took the sage this native shamaness had given me (and yet, she is mixed and not-so-native, whatever that is- like me) and I began outside my home. As she had advised, I said, “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I enter this home. All unclean spirits are banished before me.” I then did a deep-cleaning of my new residential hotel room. It was totally devoid of anything except for the sage and my cleaning materials. I swept and dusted and mopped and scrubbed every single surface I could reach.

The Aztecs celebrated death for a month.  Then the Catholic conquistadors shortened it to the two days it still holds today.

The Aztecs celebrated death for a month. Then the Catholic conquistadors shortened it to the two days it still holds today.

Occasionally I would improvise a hymn unto Hestia, goddess of hearth and home, whom I had already thanked over and over again for giving me such a wonderful home. Indeed, when I see a homeless person in my neighborhood, which is every time I go outside, as there are so many on every sidewalk it seems, I thank Hestia for giving me a home. I have learned to foster a much deeper relationship with Hestia ever since acquiring this home, since I have such a new and deep appreciation for home, and really, She and Home are the same. Now I am the only one affecting my environment. I am the only one- I pay my bills on time and if I make a mess, I clean it. I am not falling behind on others’ messes, and I can blame no one but myself if I fall behind on my own. And often when I clean I improvise and sing unto her.

Hestia, by, kaaru0000

Hestia, by, kaaru0000.

I added this to the purification ritual: I drew my own version of a circle of protection upon my floor with colorful sidewalk chalk and set candles at each point of the pentagram I’d drawn within it. Some of them were Christian votive candles, others I chose for their color, scent, and personal meaning and symbolism.

. . Vesta . . by 3ddream

. . Vesta . . by 3ddream

Within this circle I performed one of my fairly usual rituals of yoga asanas. I focused upon myself and my surroundings; I focused on becoming one with the world and improving it. This starts with oneself, and turning in, of course. I purged my body of toxins and prayed that I could use this home effectively to work toward purifying the world.

"This is the form of the Magical Circle of King Solomon, the which he made that he might preserve himself therein from the malice of these Evil Spirits." -   Mathers, Samuel MacGregor Liddell: “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904)

“This is the Form of the Magical Circle of King Solomon, the which he made that he might preserve himself therein from the malice of these Evil Spirits.” – Mathers, Samuel MacGregor Liddell: “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904)

Then, as advised, I lit a good deal of sage. I walked around my home with the sage to get the smoke to waft everywhere. I added this to my saging: I said a little mantra. The mantra I chose was a silly little phrase taken from a little joke Aleister Crowley once said. Now, there is no magic in any ritual unless you infuse it with your own meaning that you believe in and understand. I know that no words have any power on their own. I know that ritual has no power on its own. Yet let us not be as rude as my former roommate who would actually interrupt me during ritual, such as once when I was speaking Hebrew and lighting candles for Hanukkah- he interrupted me, reciting his own gobbledygook, to make this point at me, though I already knew it, disturbing my sacred activities. How negative. Let us ignore such negativity. If we want, we can have real magic in our lives. We must only have faith and know that it works, whatever words we choose. The world is significant if we so choose. So I infused this phrase with a meaning I felt to be real. This is the phrase that was part of a joke on Crowley’s part about exorcising possessed priests: “Apo pantos kakodaimonos” he said, which translates to something like “Gtfo all y’all shitty demons.” (All the nice ones are welcome to stay, of course, and add their positive energy to mine.)

Rudra, by molee

Rudra, by molee. Shiva and his smoke….

I laid the sage down in the center of my circle once I had been all around the rooms. Now, during this time of my life I began to realize that my spells often have far more power than I intend, in one way or another. In the case of this spell, I accidentally set off my fire alarm, I had generated so much smoke, and I found myself growing a little lightheaded. So I did not recite all the prayers which I had planned upon, but rather, improvised again to make it go more quickly as I turned my fan on high and relocated the sage near a window. But you know how much I love and believe in improvisation. I think it was fine. I returned the next day to find that my sage container had broken and I had burned a little mark onto my windowsill… yes, I use too much power sometimes. This is, again, a reason why God was so insistent I cheer up- my negativity is powerful. But so too might be my positivity.

Psychedelic Shiva -Show Poster, by Cybotics

Psychedelic Shiva -Show Poster, by Cybotics. Shiva and more lovely smoky scent.

And so, like I said, I now have a temenos. Here I perform many ascetic devotions. I have various instruments to help me with this. And I often sing unto Hestia, or unto other named divinities. I dearly love it and am finding the pleasures in the simple parts of life, even if it seems like the world is trying to fool me into disliking it and being negative again. Yet no evil or negative spirit can stand against my power. Or anyone’s, if they can only awaken to their true power of love and joy. Yes, I am now able to repulse any kakodaimonos, and have been remembering more and more my powers on the Otherside. Let us speak more on the spirit world next time, dear Ganymede.

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte

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