Review: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

I attended Zombie Apocalypse with great expectations. There are several shows about the Apocalypse this year, and I adore said topic. Obviously I am biased as I am a member of an apocalyptic cult, that is, Catholicism.


Now, I will say there were both good and bad aspects to this show. As for the good aspects, it started off well. We were greeted by the actors, already in character, which was charming and lovely, and given stickers with our names on them. The nametags were related to my favorite part of the show. The show contains within it a game. The actors ask the audience questions, and if one should get a question wrong, one is theoretically dead, should a Zombie Apocalypse occur. Most of the audience died. When one dies, one must remove one’s name-sticker. I got most questions right and was actually doing much better than I thought I would, but I died because I am an actor, and “what use is an actor” in the apocalypse, ask… the actors. A silly way to die, as much of the show was silly. That’s not bad, that’s just their style, if you’re into that.

I guess I can get into that style if it’s done really well, but some of the silly bits dragged on quite long. I thought the show could have been much shorter if some bits were left to a short, sweet joke. Some of the jokes felt a bit like the fifth Harry Potter book or the last Harry Potter movie- really, you don’t need to be so in love with every bit of your art that you have to show it to everyone. But I hear the kids loved it. I hear the kids were having a fantastic time. But at ten-thirty at night, me and my adult friend were just waiting for them to get on to the next part of the game rather than indulge in a drawn-out joke.

The actors were playing characters who research what a Zombie Apocalypse would be like so that they might help the human race and themselves to have the best chance of survival. Each played a silly character. Now, this can be quite good. And it sometimes was. I liked the characters. And some people had a perfectly great time. But again, the charm wore a little thin here after awhile. It’s great for a bit, but not so drawn out as it was. Silliness such as they had must be very, very supported, and comedy must contain truth, the truth within its own universe anyhow, and perhaps levels of depth in that truth, but I felt this was somewhat lacking here.

Now, I think the actors themselves are fantastic people, so far as I know them, but I must be honest in my review. So I had some fun, and you might enjoy yourself immensely, but I was a little bored, and my friend actually fell asleep. I wouldn’t attend again unless I’d heard they’d improved their act.

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~ by korakaos on June 25, 2011.

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