Review: Woman On Top: Tips from Mom, Dad & COSMO

Vijai Nathan was delightful in her one woman show, Woman On Top: Tips from Mom, Dad & COSMO:  “hilarious, titillating & true tales about Boobs, Barbies, Spanx, Porn & Driving your man wild!”  Vijai says of herself:  “Comedian Vijai Nathan’s parents taught her how to be the perfect Indian wife, but COSMO made her want to be so much more.”

I recommend that anyone interested in sexy comedy or jokes about cultural heritage should most definitely attend- you’ll enjoy the show a lot. So I don’t want to give too much away- but I want to discuss it a little.

Vijai started off telling a joke with which I really identified. She said (because she loves Cosmo of course) she’d once read a study which stated that men think about sex every four seconds, and that women think about sex about five times daily. Vijai said she thinks about sex five or six… hundred times a day. So do I. She sought advice, because she thought she might be some kind of nympho freak! Her sister told her, no, Vijai, you actually have to be having sex to be a nymphomaniac; you’re a hypochondriac. Does that then make me a nymphomaniac freak? Well, like Vijai had said, she is a product of American society, and so am I. American society encourages both sex and repression- and it also encourages gender equality. For myself, and this is true of many American women, I have a great deal of masculine energy. I mean, according to those Orthodox Jews who insist on precise following of Mosaic Law, I’m a crossdresser. I have also always pursued a traditionally masculine lifestyle. So I don’t think it’s too odd, or bad, that I or anyone should think about sex so often. Yet it can be amusing.

I am proud of who I Am- and so is Vijai. I loved hearing about her life experiences. I enjoyed hearing of her love of romance novels, her dating adventures, and hearing her tease us, her intimate audience, with straight-up in-your-face sex talk. She had a lot of fun with a father-daughter pair who had happened to attend. Her technique was great in this show; I don’t know why certain Famous Authorities on Comedy haven’t liked her act in the past. Maybe she has refined and improved her act over the years as happens- at any rate; I enjoyed her comedy much more than some other comedians I’ve seen at this festival or other festivals. I had a good time the whole way through. So yes! Go, go, go see this show; it’s great fun.

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~ by korakaos on June 21, 2011.

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