Review: Full Frontal Music

Now for a review of Full Frontal Music, written and performed by James Schneider and directed by Viorica Baln. At first I thought I would have no interest in this show- I suppose I just glossed over anything “sexy” when I was looking for shows to see- but I was working the venue and it just so happened to drop into my lap. I am very glad the Universe gave that to me. I enjoyed it- with so many dick jokes, the show could not disappoint!

Full Frontal Music is a one man show with original songs and monologues such as “If Only I Liked Strippers”, “Tranny in a Tree”, and my favorite part of the show, an obscure, nearly-lost Shakespeare soliloquy entitled “The PeniFesto”.

It was not my style of music, to be frank. I prefer Mozart or metal- something with lots of strings, lots of percussion, multiple voices, and not just a piano and one voice. But sometimes, you just gotta do a one man show, and how much more can one use? I also usually completely dislike pop music, and these songs were described as “bluesy pop”, but if the songs are comedic, I can surely get behind them. I have enjoyed many a piano-playing comedian. And pop music is, well, popular, so I’m sure many would enjoy the music much more than I, which is not bad. He has great technique.

I enjoyed the show, overall. It was not the pinnacle of piano comedy, but I believe James has the potential to go places. Stand-up type comedy is a very difficult art form. It takes a long while to perfect, and James is, as any good artist would do, of course working on that improvement through a writer’s club. See, for the longest time, comedians usually have several jokes fall flat. Even the best have many go down in flames. But, I said I enjoyed the show, and I did- lots of jokes were great.

The show started off as kind of a downer- not that such is a bad thing. I only mean that he sang of adult topics, from a male perspective, which were truthful and a bit depressing. It is truthful because most of the comedy which James wrote for the show is based upon his own life, and many experience similar stories in their lives. The show began as a lament of a failing marriage, wherein the couple are just not attracted to one another after so long, have had terrible marriage counseling, and only stay together for the children. This leaves the audience member’s soul (or my soul anyway) in a desolate place, wondering where hope for love might be found. What is the point in life when love seems so doomed? I will not say that the show offers this hope, or ever picks one’s soul back up out of that gutter, although it does try to reach some closure.

And really, I love anything which so worships the holy lingam. Go see this show if you like that too!

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~ by korakaos on June 14, 2011.

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