Review: Fringe Yoga

What would a festival be without Yoga? It is a matter of course that Yoga and Theatre should go hand in hand. I attended Fringe Yoga and told the instructor, Sarah Grace, member of Brontosaurus, how glad I was that it should be a part of Fringe. I told her that Yoga was approximately one-third of my spirituality, and Theatre another one-third- she agreed that the situation was kismet. I told her I would love for Fringe Yoga to expand, and that I would love it to occur every morning and night. After all, Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) are meant for both morning and night to coincide with the rising and setting of Sol. I certainly feel restless after a day of Fringing, and often want to stretch and make use of my muscles. I sometimes enter into vrksasana or uttanasana whilst at the bar so as to relieve this tension.  Sarah said she would love to expand Fringe Yoga if she can. There would need to be enough interest- I believe every actor should take advantage of Yoga to keep their instruments, their temples, in peak condition, besides all the other benefits it offers to a human being.

We did Vinyasa flow. On this day and during this session I paid special attention to my spine, and how one side of my body felt compared to the other. We also did this session to ragtime music, so as to inspire us to smile. Indeed, as Baron Baptiste has said of Yoga, take Yoga seriously (for it is srs bsns) but take yourself lightly. One enters an incredibly difficult way to Be during Yoga, testing all of one’s body, using incredible energy, feeling extreme “pain”. This occasionally leads people into far too serious a mood, which is not necessarily productive and can occasionally be detrimental, such as when one identifies too heavily with, say, a martyr complex. But it is not really pain, and it is easy to surrender to this supposed pain, to realize that one is strong. I enjoyed Sarah’s choice of music, and it did remind me to smile, and that made Yoga very different that day.

At the end we did a laughing meditation, which I have never done before. Sarah said that we must send that self who judges all we do as not grown-up enough and send her away. Indeed, as we laughed and jumped around, we were then clearly nothing more than apes, so closely related to our gorilla brethren. I then felt strongly how we are silly beasts, though sentient beasts, and we have never left our jungle playground. The jungle never left us- we have only imposed urbanity and lots of funny things like clothing and labels. Humanity has accomplished a lot, which I love, but I love feeling connected with my primal self too.

I can’t wait to go back for more, and I advise anyone and everyone to attend.

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~ by korakaos on June 14, 2011.

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