Thursday, May 5th, 2011 Diary Entry

With the five to six out of ten planets that have been in Aries lately, I have had little time for writing- only time for doing.  I went to church almost every day during Holy Week, worked far more hours than usual, kept up with my Yoga practice, “fasted”, continued my war with Mars, and also fell into my safety net.  By “safety net”, I mean that to which I had assigned a Tarot card in a reading some weeks ago.  I had been looking ahead at the astrological forecast and sought a safety net in my layout.  The card which landed there, designated as said safety net, was “Death”.  Ah, safety in Death.  Death is, of course, only a transformation.  My life has transformed incredibly- if I had not been present, aware, and faithfully knowing that I am safe, I would have been frightened.  I do not want to talk about all the things that have transformed.  I don’t want to talk about all the things that happened just yet.  I have been keeping little quick notes in my paper grimoire for now.

Keys of Death and Hades, by Zadok44

Keys of Death and Hades, by Zadok44

So I will post next about Holy Week before I go further.  It’s a little late, but like I said, Mars and I were fucking doing srs other shit besides our final, proofread captain’s logs.  I considered publishing a post about violence, Mars, and Mars’ constant companionship throughout my life, but A) you don’t want to be bored to death by every traumatic violent story from my childhood so I am going to think about it awhile, edit, and probably only publish a very little, and B) I have procrastinated publishing about Holy Week too long already.  Also, just a quick note:  I have finally bothered myself to edit my blog list again =)

Mars, unknown origin

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