March 31st, 2011 – My Dear Pentheus

I have twice dreamt of the moon in the space of two days, two days past; I called her Diana.  I met her followers and we discussed knowledge.  I also met Pentheus in a dream.  I have already discussed my opinion on reincarnation– or what I think is the best interpretation I’ve heard to date.  “[Gnostics] know that everyone has been or will be (is) everyone else.”  I do not know if we are more particularly connected to one past soul or another, but I do know that we are all completely interconnected with the whole, and that we are all One.  I know we are all everyone because we are All, having recycled ourselves since the dawn of time.

Bacchae - Pentheus, by Slayer-Igraine

Bacchae – Pentheus, by Slayer-Igraine, for a University of Bristol production of Euripides’ Bacchae

So I can say nothing about whether or not this man was the long-ago dead mythical Pentheus.  No, this was a man with whom I myself had spoken- a modern man.  It was like putting a face to the name, in my dream, but I would not say for sure that this man was the reincarnation of Pentheus- not any more than anyone who acts like him is.  Anyone who denies the Living God and leads himself into his own suffering.  So I think maybe all of us have spent some time with Pentheus.


Someone’s fairly accurate depiction of sparagmos.

Even I myself certainly have a history of being belligerently against reality.

Jesus Christ and Satan

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~ by korakaos on March 31, 2011.

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