Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 – Carne Vale

Mardis Gras

These two celebrants of Mardis Gras bring Bacchus and Shiva to my mind.

Carne vale.  Goodbye meat.  Hello penitence.  Carneval, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardis Gras, Pancake Day, Fastnacht, and so on.  Today we give in to all Bacchus would have with us before we treat him more as… Liber.  Today, we indulge in excess of all kinds.  Tomorrow, we fast.  For the next forty days, we fast.  Tomorrow I will not have any solid food, and I will fast a few other days as such.  As for all forty days- many try to give up one thing.  It used to be that Catholics would not eat meat (except for fish) and that one would fast on Fridays.  Now it is more common to just not eat meat on Fridays.  I have decided- I am not Jesus, and I am not Gandhi.  I am not an abstinent person, and I do not care to be.  There is no use in my giving up meat entirely.  Rather, I will give up eating shit.  This means:

-Less meat, dairy, sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine, and other such drugs.  (None if I can help it, but I will have some.)

-Enough water and… well, everything necessary.

-No enriched anything.

-No processed anything.

-Rice over gluten.

-No ingredients my ancestors could not concoct in ye olde kitchens.  ESPECIALLY no hydrogenated or corn syrup anything!  Basically, no Camazotz “food”.


Camazotz, by GeneralPool

See, it is time to treat my temple with more love.  I have proven to myself in the past that fasting is good for me.  It enables me to reach much greater and closer communion with God.  Why then have I allowed myself to remain a slave to my addiction to junk food?  I exercise a lot, so I look great, but my soul is not healthy.  It’s time to fix that.

I will be holding a few other celebrations during Lent… my anniversary with Luken, the bacchanalia, and St. Patrick’s day are all days of excess.  Luken and I also celebrate our personal suovetaurilia at this same time.  Then there’s my birthday, which always falls around Easter.  And all this time I’ll be fasting!?  Ah well, such is my life ;)  I doubt I will fast too much on those days.  Last year I believe we spent at least a few hundred dollars on food and drink for our suovetaurilia.  I will be enjoying myself.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, by CrypticFishArts

I had an earlier Mardis Gras celebration with friends, so I think I will be staying in for private celebration with Bacchus tonight.  We had hired a friend’s band to play for us and another friend had made her special jambalaya.  There was a float contest and a costume contest.  I made masks for several of my friends- I had not expected to, but they asked, and even said they would be honored to wear my masks.  That gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.


A Venetian mask. Photo is Pagan, by Mailler Phong.

Tomorrow I will get up at ass-thirty in the morning to attend Mass.  The palm fronds from last year’s Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem, have been saved for this holiday.  Yesterday it was terribly windy, and many palm fronds fell down from the sky.  Some twirled and danced their way down.  Some fell onto cars swiftly in their sudden death.  I collected a few leaves for my own ritual purposes.  Those saved by the Church for Mass are burned, and the ashes are mixed with holy water or oils and spread upon our foreheads in the shape of a cross.  This symbolizes our penitence for our separation from God.

palm fronds

palm fronds, by che-gue-petey

Separation from God is an illusion; it is maya.  It is the original sin.  I know many have issues with accepting original sin, and I know why.  But they are misled.  It is not that some metaphorical ancestor ate an apple so you’re fucked.  It is that our ancestors decided to evolve with the fruit of the knowledge of all good and all evil- the mind.  Our brains became amazing, complex tools, and we began to think we were separate from God.  It also made childbirth difficult- our heads became too large to fit properly through woman’s hips.  Well, in evolution, one makes sacrifices to gain.  We decided we didn’t need lots of things- but with our adaptability, our learning, and our unique bodies, we became the most powerful and awesome species on the planet.  The serpent (DNA is one of his forms) is subtle indeed.


A sketch I drew of Eve and the Serpent.

Sin is a much misunderstood word- it has been twisted as of the past few hundred years to fit political agenda.  Sin is not such a horrible thing.  Sin does not condemn one to Hell unless one so chooses, such as in the Unforgivable Sin, which means only that one refuses to love divinity and one’s own spirit, and so is in a loop of fear instead of love.  It is a simple choice.  Sin, ἁμαρτία, literally means only… missing the mark.  Missing God.


Fronds, by laramide-orogeny

But God still loves us.  We are not the less for having individuated.  Mankind is not the less for so often forgetting his divine nature.  It was all a part of the plan we chose for ourselves as we went along.  We are even the better for it now, and the more dear to God.  When we reconcile with God, becoming penitent, our relationship is much more complex and wonderful.  We realize that we have always been One with God.  And when we die, and we become ashes as those on our forehead, we will be all the more One with God.  Remember, Man, thou art dust.

ashes to ashes

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky!

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