Saturday, February 5th, 2011 – Rama, Rama

I know that while I have high ideals, and while I feel I have good intentions firmly rooted in love, I am not always observed as a good, loving person, so to speak.  I often come across as harsh, arrogant, biting, and so on.  I know this is what others think, because I would not have so many people react negatively to me otherwise.  I know it is partially my fault- it takes two.  I am still locked in old patterns of unconsciousness.  This unconsciousness causes me to be violent in my approach.

Once Luken and I were speaking to one another with some emotion running through our bodies.  He suddenly told me, after he had been fed up with me I presume, “It’s like you want to force everyone to come into love.  You want to force everyone to feel love and force them to love one another.  You can’t do that.  They have the right to choose otherwise and you have no right to force it upon them.”

I have known this.  Rama told me this.  *Puts on her best Troy McClure voice.*  You may remember him better as another incarnation, Krishna, or as the preserving god Vishnu.  Actually, to extrapolate, Rama told me that he loves everyone and that he waits for others to come to him in love.  He doesn’t force himself upon others.  He is not a prying deity, though he always makes himself available to anyone.  (Though I think he may have a special fondness for a flavor of “independent” mortals who have normally avoided divine love.)  He will accept your love if it is true and comes from a true place sought within, and he will offer unconditional true love in return.  I knew this was the way to go.  I knew it was right to offer love, but never to force it.

So how am I to overcome these unconscious patterns, and so too not force my love, which would make it no longer love?  I know the answer:  By being present.  Of course, then I wonder how to do that.  I know the answer:  By staying in the Now.  Of course, then I wonder how to do that.  Even though it is so easy.


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~ by korakaos on February 3, 2011.

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