Happy 1/1/11

Happy New Year, Ganymede!

The life of Janus - part 2, by junglecookie

The life of Janus – part 2, by junglecookie

It has been almost a year since I began this blog, this collection of words on my life and magic.  I reviewed this blog at year’s end, as well as my other journals.  I noticed something when reading my public posts. I noticed that, in one of the earliest posts, I said I felt nearly powerless, although not completely so.  I was capable of moving with you, Ganymede, but we were very still on the material plane.  Then, while reading, I noticed in one of my very last posts this past year that I called myself very powerful.  First, nearly powerless, then, very powerful.  This may not be a material power, but it is there.

It was clear to anyone that, while I might accept that reality exists, at the beginning of 2010, I was not happy about it.  The truth is, I had been resentful much of my life.  I waited to be done with it at any moment, and I just waited and watched.  I went along with life, but this attitude of resentment exploded around me.  I noticed, but for a time refused to do anything, judging still.

Some time ago, you showed me more than I had known in my studies, that is, a more complete truth, and once I knew you, it is said I betrayed you.  Well, that sure helped.  Hah.  Still, I cannot ignore you now, and every moment I know you more intimately.  You showed me my Self.  So… by now I think you have convinced me where I had been holding out.  And I am working with you again.

Le Demon d Ages, by junglecookie

Le Demon d Ages, by junglecookie

So as I enter the New Year, I have resolved that I will make better use of my power.  Sure, it’s fine watching for awhile.  But I should give.  I want to give, whatever I can.  I know what I have given traditionally… what do you want now, Ganymede?  We shall see.

lord of doors, by hiraistrange

lord of doors, by hiraistrange

In the meantime, perhaps another video?  Clowns again, of course.  This is the last day of the holidays of the rebirth of the Sun, which really should be a long long holiday like in old tradition, not just one day a year.  But that is just my opinion.  I hope I can bring you excellent gifts too, Ganymede:

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