Friday, October 22nd, 2010 Diary Entry – The Emperor’s Seat

Emperor's Seat

The emperor’s seat at the theatre in Aphrodisias, a ruin near modern Geyre, Turkey- site of a lovely temple to Aphrodite.

Luken and I often like to sit in the emperor’s seat.  It is the best place from which to see and be seen.  We’ve always liked it, even before we met one another.  Many avoid it because they do not want to be seen, or picked on by performers.  But I enjoy the intimacy too much to shy away.  The emperor’s seat carries with it a certain energy one does not receive elsewhere.  One day as we sat in such fashion, another man, an actor I had never seen before, sat at my feet in पद्मासन- padmāsana– the lotus throne position.  Eckhart Tolle played over the loudspeakers, speaking to us of breath, the present moment, and our true natures.  Afterward he and other actors improvised a play based upon the audience suggestion “the future”.  How funny, when Tolle tells us truthfully that the future does not even really exist.

Shiva in lotus

Shiva in lotus.

I also recently saw a rock opera while sitting in the emperor’s seat, right next to a guitarist for the show.  With a cocktail in my hand and a beer in Luken’s, we enjoyed a nice romp through sound vibrations which were fairly mathematically pleasing to us.  If only life were more often free of all negativity like that.  Oh well.  The Tao acts as the Tao acts.  I should not judge it.  Merely pay attention and center inside it.  No matter how much I might not want to accept it at times.  Besides, the Emperor’s position pleases me often in life, and it isn’t the only kind of energy I enjoy, either.  There are others- servant, lover, center-stage dancer, and so many more.  I will receive this state as often as we deserve it, Ganymede.


Poetae enjoy a lyre performance up close and personal.

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