Saturday, September 11th, 2010 – Happy Birthday, Princess!

There’s this TV studio I’m partial to visiting to see what they have done during the week.  Last night I got to see quite a bit more because they have been hosting an art show.  Last night I saw a man channel Edgar Allen Poe.  Then I saw a clown puppet trying to tell his boss, the shadow of the hand of an animator, that he could not perform tonight- but he was an insane clown, a pushover, and he took pills with a double shot of whiskey and went out on the stage.  Luken wasn’t particularly sure of the point of the second video.  Well, at least we got to watch a monologue of someone talking to themselves.

Then I went to go see a few stage shows.  I caught the end of a news show covering the apocalypse, the beginning of a musical about Burning Man, a show in a theatre that just sucked up all the fucking noise (if ever a good place for projection there was!), and then there was a little drinking game.  You know, speaking of the end of the world, sometimes people say it’s the apocalypse only because they suddenly discovered RSS feeds and they realize that there are so many disasters in the world, like there always have been.  It’s always the apocalypse anyway, as should be plain.  Some say there will be a shift of consciousness soon.  Maybe that will make the disasters… different, somehow.  Or… another idea:  Luken hypothesized (not that he believes this, but we were philosophizing, and it is fun to philosophize):  What if we might enter another dark age, so long that everyone forgets who Jesus was, and then BAM all of a sudden Jesus has this perfect second incarnation just like everyone romanticizes about, wherein he tells us all the same message we’ve all already learned anyway and this time when we kill him, we suddenly magically learn that we don’t have to be violent anymore, and that we might finally realize his vision of love.

Well.  We’ll see.  Right now, I just think some people get too down and then they convince themselves it’s okay to pretend they’re not responsible for the well-being of their selves, in whatever shape or form that may take.  Self-harm.  Even I was guilty of such in at least my attitude.

This morning I woke up, read my feeds with my morning coffee, went to work, and then I went to an extravagant party for a beautiful little Middle Eastern girl who turned nine years old today.  There were hugs and screams and many joyful little girls.  Following this I changed into my night-time outfit and went back to see the art show proper.

There was a hired girl in a blue bikini with white stars and a blue wig passing out hors d’oeuvre with a chocolate fondue, part of a sculpture called The Fountain of Diana (I think).  It was a fountain of oil with a pelican and half-naked anime babes doing unspeakable things with oil and oil product, and there were lakes of fire all around them.

I also enjoyed The Birth of Venus, which, besides Venus, depicted a satyr of typical Dionysian imagery and a couple of sea divinities, and, strangely enough, the satyr was the only one not showing off his genitalia.  (The sea god was massive, but cleverly hidden just barely beneath the water.)

There was an untitled piece, NFS, with some foreign landscape under three moons.  I do enjoy fun new planetary landscapes.

There was a piece someone had taken in a disposable camera just as he was driving down the highway- so it’s just a picture of his hand on the steering wheel by the horizon- a tiny, crappy little picture- priced at $50,000.  Hahaha.

There was one $10,000 piece I liked- a giant glowing, vibrating anemone-tower-type sculpture with grapes all over it and a cavern at the bottom.

I bought a piece with a woodland glowing fairy dreaming of traveling to the city.  It is very small and will serve as a wall decoration next to my idols.

Oh, the rituals were fun too.  Have a good night, Ganymede =)

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~ by korakaos on September 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Saturday, September 11th, 2010 – Happy Birthday, Princess!”

  1. happy birthday!

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