Thursday, June 17th, 2010 Diary Entry – Happy Festivus

Well, I’m moving right from one festival into another.  I won’t have much free time, but I do have a few notes.

During the festival, rising purely, randomly, and spontaneously out of a present moment, I saw, as he was termed, The Devil.  He had many arms, hissing like snakes, and he walked bowleggedly because he had a giant talking cock.  He plagued and cursed a non-consecrated church, and cursed all who challenged him and lost- only his own son was able to defeat him after traveling down the river Styx to the underworld.

I also saw Rama playing the flute.  He played so well that he shattered someone’s bones, crippling her for life.

I also saw several more penis gags and lots of burly, hairy cross-dressing men dressed in leotards, dancing and doing yoga and ballet and stretches and discussing their feelings openly and honestly.

My friends, entirely of their own accord, and in the spirit of Dionysos, have constructed fake prayer candles like those ones you can get for like a dollar at the grocery store which have a prayer in both English and Spanish on the back.  You know, the ones with all the pretty caucasian Jesuses.  (I’m totally not addicted to the fuckers <<)  Well, they pasted Fringe Freak masks over them… I told them to write fancy new prayers for them too XD

Oh, and apparently a guru has been in town again drawing thousands of devotees- Amma, and her thing is hugging.  That’s her way of spreading love.  At the very least we can be assured that she is sending excellent cosmic energy throughout the universe- because every positive touch between conscious human beings creates a physical and neurochemical bond in the brain and body.  And hey, in the video it looks like some people are having a good time spinning to Shiva mantras as well!  I have never been to see her, but Luken has- apparently, others were surprised when she looked at him for some time.  He went along with it, offering her present attention in return, and didn’t know it was a “strange” thing until her followers told him just afterward.  Well, he’s always been at least a little bit awake, I feel.  More now than ever, if certainly not entirely.  Connection is not so strange.

I have also seen some reminders of gurus-gone-bad!  Those who claim to follow the “light”, but somehow mess up their relationship with their shadow.  I don’t know why things pop up the way they do- but they do- so here are notes on that too.  One of them fought shadow, and, while ultimately those she killed only ended up going back to the “light” and it was all meaningless, her violent and unmerciful methods make one disinclined to take her seriously or allow her outside bars.  Another used the light as a front while in secret he was a murderer.  He even directly quoted Crowley- saying “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.  He also said it wasn’t his fault if people are sheep.  A third claimed that only by completely emptying oneself could one find inner peace- but he would then take advantage of that emptiness to utterly weaken and destroy his student.  This is the sort of thing that makes one wary of spiritual persons.  It is so easy to twist the knife and give in to the darkness we hold closest to our hearts- it is not that much different than the light at all.

And hey.  I know no one’s perfect.  But we can each make the choice to be constantly present if we really want to do that.  I sometimes even vacillate into the land of self-doubt sometimes.  I think someone will judge me as an enemy, and so my prophecy is more likely to come true- even through my own actions.  But I want to effect love, not fear.  So I have to keep reminding myself to stay present with you- because I make what I want out of my fate.

Which seems to include witnessing a giant many-armed Devil with an obscene talking phallos.  That was pretty hilarious.

Thanks to a Lakers victory, there have been injuries, rioting, and fire downtown.  It’s calming down, but I think I’ll celebrate life too- with the third best bottle of wine I’ve ever had >]

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~ by korakaos on June 18, 2010.

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