Saturday, May 29th, 2010 Diary Entry

I figure I better jot a few things down before too much time passes.  So, that healing session… well, before it even began, I just so happened to meet two people who have been intimately involved with Tarot.  One of them was one of the healers/channelers, and the other person was doing a rather successful job of channeling the mythological Ganymede at the time.  The one acting as Ganymede told me that he used to spend quite a lot of time with a group of persons who had done Tarot, so, since he wanted to increase his bonds with them, he added the tool of Tarot to his repertoire.  He said that none of his friends had ever used inversed cards, and that some of them did astrological interpretations, which he felt unable to do quite yet.  I said that was interesting as I had just acquired a deck specifically created for astrological interpretations- a deck of astrological-mandala cards which just so happened to be square in order to utilize not just inverse cards, but two other directions as well, creating more versatility in interpretation and spreads.  Then, when I spoke with the healer, he told me that he had been doing Tarot readings for well over a decade, and that he had grown up with Crowley’s Thoth deck- Luken and I were a touch jealous; we don’t even have one yet.   This healer had spent childhood years redrawing all the cards because he liked them so much.  He said that his readings are so successful because he doesn’t “believe” anything.  Not a thing.  All he does is smoke a shitton of pot until he’s out of his mind and let the cards and energy guide him- he just lets it happen.  Amazing!  Such a Dionysian healer!  (My roommate says, now that is a shaman!  Shamans are always on to something.)  I find it rather nice that he and Luken should be working together, along with a few girls.  Haha, three girls, one gay man, and Luken, who is so in touch with his feminine side that there would have been speculations as to his sexuality if he wasn’t such a girl-chaser.

So, as for the session itself… these are the notes that stuck out.

1)  Fire

2)  Shit

2)  Molestation

3)  Sexual paraphilia

4)  Smooth continuity because one is willing to “go there”

5)  It’s not about whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game

and in the second half,

1)  Shit

2)  Irreverent (but welcomed) antagonism- the rhythm was a little faulty but I can see why they use it

3)  Medicine woman being treated as a model

4)  Failure is an illusion with which Dionysos’s faithful do not bother

5)  Life is a game

6)  You’re fucking this up right now- as a self-fulfilling prophecy

We were having so much fun we decided to attend another, while I bought celebratory rounds for their success, by rather more seasoned healers.  These are the notes:

1)  Energy = fun for everyone

2)  Life has games, and life is a game

3)  Revenge doesn’t work the way you think it will

4)  Love, acceptance, and things like spontaneous dance lead to true happiness

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~ by korakaos on May 30, 2010.

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