Saturday, May 22nd – Sunday May 23rd 2010 Diary Entry

Last night as I watched the healers again, I saw someone with six arms this time.  Kali, maybe?  Whoever it was, he/she (she represented both genders) was doing some nasty stuff!  Interpret that absolutely any way.

I am also noticing synchronicity now as always- yesterday I saw two men in two separate situations ready to have their heads cut open for two different reasons, for instance.  These things remind me to pay attention.  I really would like to pay attention to Ganymede in the way that I used to be able to do- the vulnerability I lost somewhere along the way that let me put on a mask entirely.  Dionysos gave me a mask in my dreams last night, so I hope this is so.  It was a dream in which I was all and everything, firstly (one I’ve had before many times), then, I was playing a video game I found to be real life (I was ready to battle monsters-  though I didn’t have to use any violence.), then, I received a level up and the mask.  I was told that I could wear it to enter the game- even though the game is life- but that I would never lose awareness of my true body.  Then my alarm woke me.

Since it has been on my mind, I wish to briefly discuss something.  When I was initiated into Roman Catholicism, I was taught (and now agree with this through experience which has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways) that one may find the Way, the Truth, the Life, in any religion.  Some Catholics disagree with this and say it’s a dirty Masonic influence, and would rather go back to the stone ages of Catholicism most likely, recognizing only certain outdated precepts and traditions.  Man, there are still Catholics who don’t like what happened in Vatican II.  Get over it.  The Catholics who think our religion- or even our old one that doesn’t even exist anymore- is somehow the only correct one not only have never encountered the Life in an honest way but also blame it on a phrase taken so utterly out of context they must surely see how they are projecting falsehoods… but, they defend the mistranslation anyway.  Sure, not everyone is initiated into Roman Catholicism specifically- but they are all part of the one life.  The only possible way I would consider that someone might be Extra Ecclesiam is by committing the unforgivable sin (which of course is only unforgivable so long as you are committing it… not that many people know what that means).

Which is why I think it is sad whenever anyone tries to pretend otherwise, or to pretend like a religion is “wrong”, especially in the light of Taoism or even just the truth.  Let the light in!  We are all one.  Behold, we are the way and the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through us.

Ahh.  But I must accept everything anyway.  And so I do because all is as it should be.  I embrace my shadow, including the parts that still deny their shadows and sleep, because I have done the same… and, so, it is time to go and try out that mask.

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~ by korakaos on May 23, 2010.

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