Wednesday, May 05th, 2010

Luken says my biorhythms must be very low.  I have sustained an injury on each limb- though only one really changed the nature of yoga for me.  My throat is sore.  I also got a very bruised ego yesterevening.  You know how one might reach out to someone… and then they insult you?  Call you an awful name?  I had previously reached out to others for healing, and later, I come to find that one of them had called me a very awful name in front of the rest. I may disagree with the nature of the statement, but circumstances were such that I could not defend myself- it was just someone talking about me- and I think that is for the better.  So, there I was, left with someone having just labeled me very harshly, and I sat here at home thinking about it.

Perhaps Aslan was right that we should not go investigating what others have said about us!  But oh well.  I know their words to be meaningless and just an attempt by their own ego to get some kind of rise out of others, whatever kind people might want when they gossip about others.  Though it didn’t feel nice to hear, it doesn’t actually matter.  Another chance to let something go inside of you, Ganymede.

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~ by korakaos on May 5, 2010.

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