Tuesday, May 04th, 2010 Diary Entry

Yesterday I watched the Pope pay attention to a probably-fake shroud of Turin along with a whole bunch of nuns, and it was eerie because they were just staring- there was no noise or reporting in this video… just air blowing through the microphone.  Luken thinks they’re being “stupid” and so does most everyone else- haha srsly I know you want to seem like you’re doing something cool but you need better pr, Church.  Luken views the shroud as a waste of time.

But it was interesting that I could watch the activity of the Church from thousands of miles away on a shitty playback- I was planning a vacation in like 50 other tabs.  Ah, the blessings of the modern age.

And the vacation went wonderfully!  …even if, when arriving at the wine tasting, I found that I had forgotten my ID.  I had forgotten that it is illegal for anyone who looks like me to drink without being carded, sigh.  No matter that I am in fact legal; bureaucracy intervened.  Sooo what happens but that a man comes by who makes it possible for me to go both hang gliding and then to a lovely hotel?  =]  Flying over those vistas was amazing.

And happy birthday Alice!

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~ by korakaos on May 5, 2010.

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