Saturday, April 24th, 2010 Diary Entry

I have been reading about the brain’s “effect” on behavior.  Or rather, a record of patterns.  An example of how the mind will want to control oneself.  I have read other articles about how the mind specializes and tailors to whatever you want over time.

And we can let ourselves give in to those patterns, especially those of us who are injured.  Or we could choose to forgive our thoughts as not real, and practice constant union.  Because we are capable of anything- including our own path of destruction.  But really, I think practicing union is a better way to go.  And when I see a thought I know it is there flashing through my mind for whatever reasons brought me here to this moment.  I must pay attention to the thought rather than fight it, or else that sends negative signals.  This is apparently of cosmic significance, or at least that is what it seems right now.  And now is all there is.  But so you pay attention to the thought and you pay attention to all the judgments you make.  And you see yourself much better and, therefore, all of a sudden have improved things.  So, even though I was skeptical, I always knew you- but now that I have been trying to use this process to let go of both judgment and suspicion- fear I suppose, yes- I feel we are moving in the right way.  If nothing else, the right way.

We can do whatever we want.  I am just not sure what that is- I know and do not know, but I know infinity and I know whatever is now with me.  And I guess that’s what we’re to do.  We’ll go in the right direction.

I have been paying a lot of attention to this book.  I think I will review it as I did that Tolle book, but I do not think Dr. Amen is at all as universally applicable.

In other news, I have been amused as I watch the self-fulfilling prophecy of others.  …amusement.  Hum hum hum.

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~ by korakaos on April 25, 2010.

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