Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 Diary Entry

Someone masquerading as a specific religious figure (I do not use the term masquerading negatively; after all I worship Dionysos) has said of his own accord, not that of the person he is imitating, that Jesus of Nazareth created a slave religion based upon original sin and vicarious atonement.  These were not Jesus’s practices, no matter what some Christians (or non Christians) believe.  But some people who commented in turn towards this masquerader wondered- who did then turn it into a slave religion?  If you would call it that.  I maintain they all lead to truth, but that does not mean several of its practitioners do not act in such a way that would make the religion seem as such.  One hundred sixty-two people approved of what he said, though.  =/  One of them claimed Jesus did not exist, as though such a stipulation were relevant, and scholarly opinion be damned, apparently.  Some insulted Christianity.  “Fuck Christianity” is one direct quote, and there were so many more negative comments.  Others seemed to know what was really up- they know what Christ means.  In fact another pondered the true nature of Jesus’s magic rather than resort to insults.  But yet another vehemently expressed his distaste for the Bible… I guess everyone has an opinion, but something tells me that’s your ego talking.  I am glad some came to Jesus’ defense in that they knew he was about love, and not sin- but oh so many people were ready to treat him viciously.  ~___~  I guess that’s something he must have been used to since he was alive.

Love is the law.  Do they really think that insulting Christ will bring about anything good?  Perhaps they thought they were making people think.  Maybe Augustus thought he was making people think when he killed so many people to erect his torturous empire.  Okay, that’s probably fallacious; I just have Augustus on the brain lately.  And the variables are all different.  But somehow this whole thing made me go… ugh.

Will we really all love one another someday?


Well… I can fantasize about it anyway.  That we have all taken our places in the heavens to shine our best with one another in harmony, each life feeding the next what it needs and wants.

But until that happens… I’m stuck watching this.  With you, Ganymede.

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~ by korakaos on March 3, 2010.

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