Monday, February 22nd, 2010 Diary Entry

It was perhaps rather an exaggeration the other day to say that I was not afraid- yes, all which one may fear already exists right now, and of course I have felt the same primal fear that everyone else does.  It is just that I do not let it stop me from barging forward, I suppose.  It is kind of impossible not to do so anyway.  And so long as we are speaking of fear I will mention something else I had been pondering.  It was how magic can be like going around naked everywhere as you do things, while the whole universe sees you naked (and possibly wants to bend you over and seize you during a vulnerable moment).  I was pondering this after listening to a discussion about hermaphroditic models… or maybe more than models, depending on the person.  They spoke of the models with complete abandon and seemed to know quite a lot about them.  How strange- put on a fun skimpy outfit and take a pretty picture and you have men wanting to know about you from miles away- those who use your pictures to fap and probably would prefer bending you over, yes.  It just makes the world that much smaller between fappers and nudes.

I also was reading someone’s frustrated writing about how they think modern magicians speak unintelligibly, and thusly, the magicians are just making up make believe gobbeldy gook in line with only the fantasy they have decided, and don’t know what they’re saying.  Poor bunny.  It is not that the magicians are speaking unintelligibly, it is just that whoever wrote this does not have the proper gnosis to understand their symbols.  There is simply a miscommunication between the metaphors of the magicians’ words and the complaining one’s awareness.  Some language and metaphor is perfectly interpretable by one and mumbo jumbo to another.  This person is not apparently friendly with metaphors, though.  This person even goes so far as to quite literally say that the idea that a word might mean something other than the obvious seems to be paranoia.  (Not only does this person not like metaphors, but he or she also does not know how to spell or use apostrophes correctly, so I am not sure how much we should listen to their opinion of metaphor in language.)

I too once thought that so-called magicians were a bunch of silly people wrapped up in poor study and make-believe.  And maybe some of them are, in their own ways, in their own story.  Yet after years of my own study, I did suddenly one day receive the dawnings of my own gnosis.  From there, the world opened up and I could see everything in a new light.  INCLUDING words and their metaphors.  Words are useful tools in this regard!  And so I find myself saying all sorts of ridiculous things.  Witness a symbol in action:

This is Not a Pipe

This is Not a Pipe, by René Magritte

And so I am not quite sure what to think now about those who consider magicians to be delusional paranoid liars.  Clearly it is just a miscommunication, and to truly care what such persons thought of magicians would be only ego getting in the way!  Still, as love is always a motivating factor, I would rather that such people would try to get along with magicians and understand them rather than deriding their chosen prose.  What to do, what to do.  Nothing except live, I suppose.

And let us have a lovely evening, Ganymede.

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~ by korakaos on February 23, 2010.

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