Saturday, February 20, 2010 Diary Entry

Good evening, Ganymede.

Today Luken told me of his practice of tricking others into doing yoga when he was teaching in a Dionysian fashion.  How interesting that he should do so- that it should be taught in such a way.  First, many learn it without really knowing they are learning it….

I never did yoga very regularly until I joined with Luken.  I had done some before, of course- all those who learn the ways of Dionysos theatrically learn yoga.  I first became acquainted with yoga through the Alexander technique.  This is not called yoga and yet it is yoga.  Same asanas and everything.  There are those devotees of Dionysos who will claim that they are atheists and that they don’t practice yoga… even while they ply his art and advise on correct posture.  Silly bunnies :P

Today was another day for examining the nature of pain… and my tendency to want to open my flower as soon as possible without all that pain.  There come certain moments when one must give in to the pain of yoga as much as any other aspect in life.  Sigh.

I made a new friend, I think.  She, too, is as interested in Roman history and culture as I am.  We discussed Octavian’s handling of Caesarion.  We thought… wouldn’t it have been a much better way to write the history of Rome if Octavian had decided to love Caesarion instead of executing him as an imagined threat?  Sigh.  Poor boy.  Poor Octavian too, I guess, for choosing to found the empire on blood instead of love.

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~ by korakaos on February 21, 2010.

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