Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Jesus Christ, you know, you talk way too much sometimes, Ganymede!  :P  Whatever that part of us is that is… akin to you speaking.

First I suppose I should thank you for the Valentine’s Day gifts.  Even though the romantic notion of martyrdom for marriage rights is probably only mythical, it was a grand notion, to think that someone would miraculously endure much and create holy healing effects.  The violence, however, seems less appealing- it only serves to show us an obstacle….

I’ve just finished doing one of my very favorite mandalas yesterday.  What a lovely time, though fully conscious I would have to leave it for other much less pleasant activities.

I have been looking at a lot of surrealist art.  What a load of femme enfants and objects and more empowered women too.  The art of attempting to visualize our neuroses, what is only in the spirit.  They are making that reflect back at them… we are all each working to make our own most pleasant reflection.  And we each have free will to do so.  The artists do it, and we see it clearly in them, but we all do the same on every level.  Sooo… wtf?  ~__~  If we can do something we will, it seems, as that is our nature, and there is so much pwnage to be had.

I still do not see why suffering is necessary.  Only that it would seem to be caused by the energy our wills create.  Surely destruction and transformation and most beautiful mandalas for us all to trace could be done with less pain.  But as it stands- it is not as such, but instead, as it stands.

Oh, but I do notice one thing, and that is that even while the constant apocalypse occurs, the eternal lifting of the veil now, the beautiful young people always still find a way to have a good celebration.  At any time.  Even while we watch “evil” all around us.  We still try to make the best, to make the most beautiful reflections we can.  It is just that it is also painful at the same time.

What kind of art do I like best, I thought, after looking at all that surrealist art.  And I think the kind of art I like best is beautiful young men.  Now what does that say about me :P

I was reading Crowley again and he was going off for like ten minutes in some tangent about the nature of the universe before asking forgiveness, because words are meaningless… haha.  He’ll say he knew something before it was told- and who hasn’t :)  Since we’ve all already done everything, I suppose.

Well, whatever we are, here we are.  Watching watching watching.  You and I are watching.  And I am judging.  And I am acting.  Or so I label things.  Either way I prefer the more beautiful mandalas as I judge them.  So I am going to go enjoy some more, Ganymede.  What else?

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~ by korakaos on February 18, 2010.

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