Valentine’s Day 2010 <3 Diary Entry

Luken reminded me yesterday that acceptance does not mean approval.  Yet I also hear that I am not to judge.  But I do.

You know, I’m okay with what I am, I suppose, in the mandala.  I’m okay with you and me, well, as I described us yesterday.  But obviously there are still things I judge and will continue to judge.  It is not really that I want so much, I think!  Just for all of us to have fun playing games.  But I suppose the influence of Dionysos only spreads so far as yet.  And there are lots of players that just keep fucking others over.  These things I have judged, with these things I have found flaw.

Well.  I suppose we will just keep watching it.  :/

Alright then, Ganymede, it’s time for a lovely day out with Luken.  I worry that I may have offended him in the past, you know, what with me saying that I don’t much like reality.  And he is a part of it.  I told him last night that I want him to know it is not him whom I hate.  I think I have tried to tell him that before, but they were perhaps not very opportune moments.  I have gone to some lengths to keep him with me, after all.  And even though we may have argued during several miscommunications, I do believe we’ll love each other always, at least in one sense, being always connected.  There is something we have beyond misinterpretation in form.  And there’s something we share in form too 8D

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~ by korakaos on February 14, 2010.

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