Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 Diary Entry

So it looks like I “philosophize” a lot. Or something similar. Sometimes I feel an inordinate amount of my speech is dense with shit.  :P   I never took a philosophy course, but oh well.  And it doesn’t stop me that every single damn person has a different opinion.  If I say something about anything someone is sure to have an opposing opinion.  And it doesn’t bother me that people practice magic and religion in so many different ways- just that they argue, well, violently over it.

In times like those one must simply remember:  “οὐκ οἶδα”.  Socrates.  “I don’t know”.  One can’t know anything with absolute certainty, because absolute truths are beyond the grasp of language and mind.  No words I can say will ever encapsulate anything really true.  Or, one knows through not knowing.  Socrates was also a man who spoke with his demons, by the way, Ganymede ;)

And, speaking of demons and varied viewpoints, I found more stuff about that three of swords.  More goetia, even- so they label it, and they speak of summoning demons in a Crowley-esque fashion.  They are, however, also unique unto themselves.  I should ask to borrow my neighbor’s summoning tome so I can read what it has to say about these two in particular:  Purson and Gremory.  This author associated them with the three of swords.  Each of these demons are each said to command however many legions of spirits, whatever the HELL that means :P  I’m not really a numbers person.  They are both described as beautiful, which pleases me.  Purson answers truthfully, Gremory knows secrets, and they both know of all in past, present, and future.  I heard someone say that to me in a dream once- that I was the master of past, present, and future.  I didn’t give it much weight, as it seems a rather vague thing to say, considering that time is only an illusion, but it’s interesting to note the parallel here.

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~ by korakaos on February 3, 2010.

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