Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 Diary Entry

After I finished typing yesterday’s diary entry for you, Ganymede, you dragged me away for the entire evening.  I may not have done any “useful” work… not that I usually manage to do it anyway… but I had a good time.  Just as the other night I watched Dionysos work his magic.  It may not have been as historical as the other night- no, it was just another night of bards casting healing spells.  There were times when it fell flat and stale, but there were also moments when I saw Dionysos shining through and waving at me… though that implies a friendly wave.  Dionysos isn’t always gentle.  He spoke of human nature and its desire to hurt itself, and then that evolved into its opposite, forgiveness, and he spoke of sleeping and waking up amid a cacophony of human form.

Shiva Statue

A statue of Shiva dancing

Afterward we went to enjoy some more of Dionysos’s activities- Luken and I went to a small party where we were playing drinking games.  Normally I can also very much enjoy this sort of thing, and have many times in the past.  But recently I have felt ehhh about such events.  Also, my health was deteriorating and I was sitting there in something of a miserable quiet beer-drinking pile.  But I didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s fun, and I knew I could make it through more of the night, so I just stayed quiet unless the game demanded I speak, and I watched what was going on.  Finally we left, and we drove this guy home, this guy who had been the drunk of the party, the one so sloshed he wouldn’t make sense half the time and seemed lost in a dream world.  I wouldn’t have wanted to have been him, but we were all… well, very intimate with Dionysos ourselves on several past occasions no doubt, so we all treated him quite nicely.  He was like a child always trying to tip the table over.  Anyway, when we got him home, it was then that I discovered he was also a drummer and polyglot and disciple of Shiva!  With some lovely Indian statues and drums.  Annnnd he smoked us out.

So it was very nice of you to introduce me to him at long last after that evening.  As it was nice of you to introduce me to another practicing wizard of goetia in the upstairs apartment when I didn’t necessarily feel like visiting (but of course I did because I had nothing better to do).  And there were his friends, at least a couple of learned scholars with excellent conversation.  As it was nice of you to introduce me to more devotees of Dionysos and an actual practicing devotee of Apollo at the Christmas Eve party I did not want to attend- I wasn’t expecting to meet one of those.  So all that has interested me, even if I am still disappointed in our reality… I watch many of your movements with interest, at least.  Especially when those new persons have new lovely art to show me.  And I attempt to get along with you in those moments.  I hope you feel the same- I know you’ve told me you have, but still.  In such states I can hardly tell.

Okay.  So I’ve given you what you want… I am capable today, I am attempting to forget about tomorrow and the next day, and it is not raining- so here we are, at a very nice little café.  And it has a patio and lovely furniture and bright lights.  Everyone loves some good lights.  Last night I felt like a space captain again as we drove in Luken’s car and watched all the lights go by the night sky… even if I know I am still bound when we come back out of our exploratory spaceship craft and get back to dealing with our lives.  But I’m out here on the patio enjoying this afternoon under the nice big moon.  Time to edit.

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~ by korakaos on January 28, 2010.

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